Covid Virus Pandemic


It might be good to work outside office spaces shared with other people. While nothing is guaranteed safety wise at the office building here, the private office space options are something to consider. Like any building there are things that are shared including common areas, air systems, bathrooms, etc.  But you won't have to get stuck with others in an elevator. 

Nothing Is Guaranteed.

Follow government virus safety guidelines over what you may learn here

Visit  www.CDC.Org and www.SolanoCounty.com

Needed technology. move to our phone system. tools. regroupi

Technology In Disaster

Regroup Your Business In Solano

Technology In Disaster


Will your business suffer if your California software engineering team can’t get immediate access to a new workspace? Can they bring their notebook computers and have internet to hit the ground running with less loss of time? We also have modern copiers, and scanners that send copies by email.

Needed Tools

Regroup Your Business In Solano

Technology In Disaster


All companies require ‘must-have’ tools. This serves your local or remote clients. You need software, computer hardware, phones and face-to-face contact. Bring your computer and get started.

As Fairfield is Solano County's government capital, needed government help might be near by.

Regroup Your Business In Solano

Regroup Your Business In Solano

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here


If your company took a hit, employee might spend a day working from their home. But in 24 hours they can regroup together at a Fairfield emergency relief back-up office space. 

Get an ad-hoc solution for use as a back-up office space on an on–demand basis. Pay as you go or usually save by signing a longer contract.

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here


Use our phone system. Use handsets with common bells and whistles in a private or shared office space. If your phone system goes down, ask your phone company to “remote forward” your calls to a designated phone number on our phone system

Make A Disaster Recovery Plan

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here

Make A Disaster Recovery Plan


Is your plan to have employees work from home until another office space becomes? Will staff be productive with home distractions? Studies might show staff irritability, tolerance of homeworking during disruption has been shown. What if the disaster lasts longer than expected? You’ll need professional office environment to keep up your business momentum. Also print your disaster recovery plan in paper as well. 

When Next Big Earthquake Hits

Phones - Forward Your Calls Here

Make A Disaster Recovery Plan


Only a matter of time. What if for example a disruptive earthquake affects the entire inner San Francisco Bay Area on the Hayward or Andreas fault lines? Come to Fairfield further from the fault line.  We might even help you find temporary living spaces for your employees as well.  You might want to grab what you can before the rest of say the East Bay come looking for the little remaining spaces available.

While There's No Perfectly Safe Option - Do The Best You Can


California Viral Pandemics & Electrical outages.

Office Space In Fairfield During Pandemics Or Electric Outages

Viral pandemics may become more common in future? Forest fires and PG&E cut offs have become a common thing. Getting an electrical generator is one solution, but getting one during a power outage is difficult. Many swamp stores for the generators remaining in stock. Should you be effected by another Northern California fire, you'll need to find alternative office space accommodations. Electricity might be more stable here in central Fairfield's office building with more companies than other office buildings in Solano - Napa.


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Disaster Relief Links & Info

FEMA California - Federal Emergency Management Agency


American Redcross www.RedCross.org

Disaster Recovery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_recovery

Disaster Response https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_response

Electricity Outage Status www.PGE.com

Disaster News Articles SF Chronicle www.SFChronicle.com

Environmental Emergency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_emergency

How Your Employees Might Sociologically Respond To A Northern California Disaster:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociology_of_disaster

Types of Disasters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_disasters

Earthquake Preparedness and Response. Government Linkhttps://www.osha.gov/dts/earthquakes/preparedness.html

California Natural Disasters Are Inevitable https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-pol-ca-next-california-natural-disasters/

Your Emergency Management. Time For You To Take Control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_management

Call 911 or contact www.FEMA.gov for emergencies. 

Cell Towers Might Remain Up When Area's Electricity Goes Down:

Sometimes cell phone towers might remain up in an emergency if they are on backup power. We specialize in short and long term office spaces for rent in Fairfield. We and our parent Fairfield company hope to fill in your office space in Fairfield needs.

Disaster Disclaimers - But We Can Try:  

Rental space and services subject to availability. Nothing warranted. Sadly we are unable to do anything with a severe area wide disaster, we aren't disaster trained, but a temporary office space landlord, but you can ask. Agreements must be hand signed by the manager.  Where ever you are and whomever is nearby, work as a team! Thanks!


Consider Solano County office space for your disaster recovery effort.